Talking to the media - Chum FM

If routes of change is a success I will be talking to the media very frequently. So far I have only done a handful of interviews and I haven't felt like I've nailed any of them.

My approach to interviews has always been somewhat casual with no predetermined plan as to what I want to get across or how I want to portray myself. I think that will change, but only a little bit. Spontaneity and intuition will always overrule any desire I have to make a specific point.

If I end up sounding foolish or silly at times it is only because I am being honest or silly. I don't like repeating myself all the time so I will have fun with the media, in a respectful way of course. I assume they will want to have fun with me too, like saying that I'm going to have issues finding love because I have no car! Nice one Dan! Or Roger..whoever that was.