I'm circumnavigating the planet without a motor.

Hi, I’m Markus. Welcome to Routes of Change. For over three years I’ve been using just my muscles and some wind to journey over 30,000 km around the planet. No planes. No trains. No automobiles. Not even an elevator. Now you really think I’m crazy eh! I’m not anti-motor, nor do I think I’m saving the planet. What I am doing is inspiring the public and students at presentations and connecting with local non-profit organizations to share their stories and raise support for them. I don’t pretend to be a hero or have all the answers to our problems but I do think I’m part of the solution, and more importantly I think we are all part of the solution. It’s time we acknowledge our immense power to influence and change the world around us. It’s fun and exciting to take control of that power. Join the Routes of Change community and let’s make epic things happen. Sign up and Follow now.

Big Respect to you.

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