Are you against motors?

No. I think the motor is a great invention. I think it's backwards and ridiculous that we are still using fuels that are toxic for us to power our motors. The technology and knowledge exists to move beyond waste and pollution. It's time we took the leap. I'm not using motors because I didn't want to make compromises in what I'm doing. I wanted to be as honest as I possibly can. I'd be lying to myself if I said "One plane ride/taxi ride/ferry won't make a difference". It's a slippery slope and I'm going uphill. I also love being outdoors and traveling while staying in shape. It's time we stop taking our actions for granted. We are changing the planet. This should be an empowering and inspiring fact. How are you changing the planet?

Are you crazy?
Perspective is everything. Is it crazy to follow your dreams and do what you love? It just happens to be the case that what I feel comfortable doing is considered by many to be crazy or dangerous or even stupid. I think it’s more crazy to live your life without finding your passions (or at least searching for them) and following them. It's important to make our life decisions from a place of love as opposed to a place of fear.

Are you going to stop or break up the trip?
The goal is to not use a motor for the entire trip. There will be places where I will stop and rest and work on the project in order to make it successful, but I will do everything I can to continue on with two feet and a heartbeat. Since I began in July of 2015 I have never traveled by motor. Not a taxi, not a bus, not a plane, not even an escalator. I expect the greatest challenge to this goal will come from government interference in the form of laws or stupid bureacracy.

How long is it going to take?
Somewhere between five and seven years. There are way too many factors that will effect timing for me to be precise with the plan. I have no interest in rushing around the world to beat some record. The main purpose of this is to work with organizations along the way, and that will take time.

Can I join you?
If you believe you can, there isn’t much in this world that you can’t do. pssss... contact me.


Why should I support you?

I can do this and will make it work with very little, but your support will make this so much more effective and successful from the beginning. Routes of Change was created because I wanted to be working in the environmental and social action sector, but I knew that I wouldn’t be happy or healthy in an office environment. I'm happier doing manual labour and working outside. I'm aware that these small organizations have little to no marketing budget. I have something valuable to offer and can help them gain the recognition and support they deserve.

Routes of Change is the answer to combining my passions and talents with the inspiring work that these non profit organizations do. This is no vacation for me. Most people would consider what I’m doing to be a rare form of physical torture. Combine that with the stress of consistently producing videos, writing blogs, interviewing, directing an NGO, and presenting to large crowds of people and it can quickly become overwhelming. I feel comfortable doing this and your support will help me do it better and with help from a professional team.