A Letter from Dave

My good friend Dave joined me for four days of paddling from Lake Simcoe to Gravenhurst and I asked him to write a blog as I have always enjoyed his writing. Dave has been a big mentor and inspiration in my life. He has challenged himself and societal norms in many ways over the years in a search for health and happiness. I find great reassurance and encouragement in my journey knowing what is possible thanks to Dave's adventures in living with very little. Thank YOU, Dave.

Dear Markus~

Thanks so much for briefly having me on board your amazing adventure! It was such a joy and inspiration. My heart was ablaze and my muscles worked up memories long stored in forgotten places.

It's an incredible life we live, sometimes I can't hardly believe. The beauty that surrounds us is stunning, literally omnipresent and all encompassing. A great big world to explore, and it all starts with one step, one breath, one moment.

We chose a somewhat unknown route from the Severn River up to Gravenhurst.

We chose a somewhat unknown route from the Severn River up to Gravenhurst.

Why we travel these lands seems somewhat of a mystery. Mystic memories, like sand mandalas blown back into the ocean. Our journeys weave great tapestries. What is that feeling that we chase?

I remember when I was 16 I missed the last train going home and I had no where to stay. The security guard let me sleep under the bench at the station even though the place was closed for the night and he wasn't supposed to. I felt grateful. There's a kindness that comes forth when we make a leap of faith and surrender to what is, as if our faith does create a fabric in time.

For some years between 18 and 26 I traveled lightly, learning deeply the ways of the world, curious about anything and everything. I let go of most of my material possessions and was uplifted by the generous support of humanity. But it was not just people that surprised and impressed me, it was nature as a whole, bearing fruit from trees when I was hungry, or touching me softly with some intangible goodness, like a spot to lay when I was tired, or a gentle wind when I was hot.

Cycles of life, vibrations in this fabric of time and space, ensure that we are always accommodated. While one thing grows, others decompose. I learned to let go, for clinging to things I would not be able to float lightly on these inevitable waves of change.

It's these ups and downs that create the world as we know it, continuous propagation with every footstep, every sound wave vibration, every season, every generation. Challenges are a beautiful aspect of life, that make us more resilient, driving evolution, and adaptation. We'd be nothing more than a lump on a log were it not for this driving force. It's tempting to shy away from different and uncomfortable things, like a hard conversation or learning a new skill, but if we can turn it around and engage with them by bringing enthusiasm and a positive light, then incredible transformation can happen, and life becomes so very meaningful.

Dave joins me for an unplanned detour off of the Trent Severn Waterway towards Gravenhurst.

So thanks for busting a move, and grooving like you do, inspiring others by just being you. Engaging fully with life, through and through. All aspects. Around the world. In ways unexpected and inquisitive. Powered by people. Personally empowered, both humble and regal. Sometimes even touching the unbelievable. I can't believe you're actually going all the way around the world!

With a lot of help from my friends.

With a lot of help from my friends.

I say, keep it light, keep it simple. Do it for the love of it. Team up your joyful heart with your determination and work ethic. Do it for the earth, and the earth will get behind you and push! Networks are being created. People are rallying. Tap into that deep, powerful source. One of creation, and of letting go. Ride the winds when they're in your favor, push through when the going gets tough. I feel your journey gathering steam. I pray for all goodness, and for continued learnings from the unexpected. I pray for strong roots and deep mycorrhizal associations. Change is inevitable, and it comes from way deep down. We are the roots. Routes of change!