One of our goals is to raise 10 million dollars for grassroots social and environmental organizations around the world. Yes it’s a lofty goal. We like to dream big. We know that if everyone in Canada above the age of 45 donated a dollar we would easily reach it. So why not donate two and tell a friend!

Routes of Change is a registered Non-Profit Organization. 100% of your donation to our society goes towards our mission of creating positive change on the planet. Until we get great sponsors and reach our operating budget your support may be used to keep Markus inspiring the masses and giving free school presentations along the way. Any donations we receive now will be equaled by future sponsors and will go directly to the people who need it most, the small, local organizations who are working hard to create a healthy planet. We will partner with hundreds of non-profit and charitable organizations during the five years of the journey and distribute your support evenly amongst them. The list will grow on the Leaders page as the route lengthens. If you would like to support a specific organization and not Routes of Change we suggest you visit their website and do it directly. Thank You!

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The penny per km $7.50 a month is based on a very slow pace of about 25km a day. This will equal out to about half of the total distance Markus will travel around the planet. We didn't want to overcharge for when he has some slow days on a pogostick or when he is walking backwards...If you want to be precise in your giving we will let you know the total kilometers traveled and you can donate the extra change! Thanks for understanding.

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